Dalhousie Law Journal


legal education, Law and Learning Report, legal history, Canadian law


The experiment of the Law Department as a new approach to legal education has been going on now for 15 years. It has directly involved more than 1,500 people as students, instructors (professors and sessional lecturers) and support staff (administrative and library personnel, etc.). This experiment has a unique identity, indeed a distinctive image, which has given rise to a certain amount of controversy in the Quebec legal milieu. Especially since the debates stemming from the publication of the Law and Learning Report, it seems that the experiment has also aroused a certain amount of curiosity in the Canadian legal milieu. We would like to thank Professor R. St. J. Macdonald and the Dalhousie Law Journal for having shown such interest and for having given us this exceptional and valuable opportunity to share our experience with both the Quebec and Canadian legal milieux.