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The Manitoba Law Reform Commission began work in November, 1970. Its Third Annual Report, signed on April 1st, 1974, indicates that the Commission has submitted fifteen formal reports to the Attorney-General for Manitoba. The recommendations contained in seven of these reports have been implemented by legislation. In the case of two other reports, a change in the law was not recommended and no change was made. The Commission has also made twelve informal reports by way of letter to the Attorney-General. The recommendations contained in four of the informal reports have been implemented by legislation. 5 In the case of another report, no change in the law was recommended. 6 One additional report concerned the question of uniformity between a provincial statute and two related federal statutes. Since the publication of the Third Annual Report, four formal reports and three informal reports have been made. This makes a total of nineteen formal reports and fifteen informal reports. Six recommendations have also been implemented since the last annual report, two in the case of formal reports and four further informal reports." Thus, legislative action has been taken on nine of nineteen formal reports and no legislative action was recommended by the Commission in the case of two other formal reports. Of the fifteen informal reports, eight have been implemented by legislation, in one no change was recommended by the Commission, and in another, federal-provincial negotiations are involved. It is understood that, in the case of two further formal reports, the provincial government is actively considering the Commission's recommendations.

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