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Maritime Law


maritime law, law of the sea, shipping, ships, salvage, insurance, pollution, ocean, management, environmental law, admiralty


This substantial work. written by three members of the faculty of the Marine and Environmental Law Institute at Dalhousie University, is part of the Irwin Law, Essentials of Canadian Law series. Running to just over 800 pages of text, it covers the waterfront, so to speak, of its subject matter. An indication of the scope of the text is reflected in the division of labour among the three authors. They co-authored an introductory chapter and each took responsibility for writing different chapters of the rest of the book. Edgar Gold, a former ship captain and a Master Mariner, has been associated with the Faculty of Law at Dalhousie University for over twenty five years and brings to the subject-matter a wealth of practical knowledge, as well as first-hand familiarity with the international legal and regulatory regimes. Professor Gold wrote the chapters on the Shipping Industry, Safety Management of Ships, Marine Insurance, Maritime Collisions, Maritime Salvage and Wreck and Marine Pollution. Professor Chircop, who teaches and writes in the fields of maritime and environmental law, administrative law and coastal and ocean management was responsible for the chapters on Admiralty Jurisdiction, Ownership and Registration of Ships, Maritime Liens, Personal Injury and Death Claims, Pilotage, Towage and Limitation of Liability. Hugh Kindred, a teacher at Dalhousie Law School since 1971, dealt with Carriage of Goods under Charterparties and Bills of Lading, the Carriage of Passengers, General Average and Marine Mortgages. Finally, although not a named co-author, experienced Halifax admiralty lawyer Will Moreira, Q.C., wrote the chapter on Admiralty Procedure.