Dalhousie Law Journal


P. B. Carter


Comment, Professor Willis Reese, conundrum, protestation, genuine modesty, born great, achieve greatness, greatness thrust


For reasons which I find totally elusive Dean Ronald Macdonald has invited me to comment upon Professor Willis Reese's reaction to the conundrum: What makes a Law School great? Professor Reese unconvincingly prefaces his remarks with a protestation that he has "no idea", and he equally unconvincingly punctuates those remarks repeatedly with the phrase "I don't know". Anybody who is acquainted with Professor Reese or his work will neither be surprised by, nor pay the slightest attention to, this display of genuine modesty. It is, however, to the question "What makes a Law School great?", not "What makes Professor Reese great?", that I am required to address myself. It seems improbable that the author of "'Twelfth Night" intended his proposition, that "some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them", to be fully applicable to Law Schools. The notion of birth is not even metaphorically apt, although perhaps some modem Law Schools may not infelicitously be described as abortions.