Dalhousie Law Journal


Edward Veitch


New Brunswick University, Faculty of Law, Dean Ryan Q.C., development, professional training school, provincial University


Approaching twenty years ago Dean Ryan Q.C. (now Mr. Justice Ryan of the Federal Court, Appeal Division) described concisely' the development of the institution from a professional training school to a University faculty within the old, established provincial University.2 He dealt successively with the make-up of the student body, the growth of the curriculum, the educational background of the teachers and mentioned the stresses and strains of growth. It is now appropriate to bring all of that information up to date. At the outset it must be observed that the transmogrification from training school to department within the academy has taken longer than was anticipated. It is only in very recent time, and after some debate, that the Faculty reasserted its operating principle, as an integral component of the University community, to be: