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Oluwaseyi Sanni is currently an LLM student at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. His research interest borders around the area of Dispute Resolution, International Trade Law, and International Law. More precisely, Sanni is interested in how States interact with one another through regional integration, and how disputes are resolved within such framework. He has pending publications with the African Journal of International and Comparative Law Journal as well as the AfronomicsLaw Blog.

In his current LLM Thesis entitled: “Proposing a Constructivist Approach to Resolving Trade Conflicts under the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement” (AfCFTA): A Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis”, Sanni explores the dispute resolution paradigm under the AfCFTA treaty and advocates the need for it to reflect the character of the African Continent.

Sanni also works as a researcher at the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute (CJEI), where he explores the jurisprudence surrounding the protection of animal rights, and its entrenchments in international and domestic legislations applicable to commonwealth countries.

In another life, Sanni records some years of experience of legal practice in Nigeria and intends to expand his practice base to Canada. Having recently completed the NCA requirements, Sanni immediately plans to article in a law-oriented organization and subsequently practice law in Canada. In the long term, beyond representing clients before domestic and international courts and fora, Sanni hopes to consult for Institutions, Bodies and Corporations on issues bordering around international trade and investments.

In exploring his goals and dreams, Sanni sought to have the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University as an integral part of his success story, not only because the faculty holds a distinctive reputation as arguably the oldest law school in Canada, but mostly because it is also reputed for its very impressive team of faculty members and researchers.

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African Continental Free Trade Agreement dispute resolution, international trade conflict resolution


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Oluwayesi Sanni