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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievance, Leave of Absence, Statutory Holiday, Collective Agreement, Company Rules, Scheduling Vacations, Notice, Five Man Rule


Employee Grievance alleging improper refusal of leave of absence in lieu of statutory holiday.

There was no dispute about any of the essential facts. The practice in the Dartmouth Police Department is for a leave calendar to be circulated at the start of each year. Each man writes in his preferred vacation leave in accordance with an order of priorities not here in issue. Thereafter as requests are made and granted for leave for statutory holidays, time off in lieu of overtime and compassionate leave and as members of the department go on training courses, those facts are noted on the leave calendar. Staff Sergeant John Friis has responsibility under art. 12(2)(a) of the collective agreement for coordinating leaves but in fact the maintenance of the leave calendar has been delegated to platoon NCO's, and in the case here relevant to Sergeant Binns and Corporal Lowe of C Platoon.