Air Canada v Canadian Air Line Flight Attendents Assn

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Arbitration Decision

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Negligence, Warning, Discipline, Suspension, Carelessness, Penalty


The Employer stated that the Grievor, a purser and "in-charge" flight attendant, was charged with negligence in duties to be performed during a landing of flight 861 which resulted in a possible dangerous situation for passengers and crew. The Employer received a written complaint from four flight attendants because, in their opinion, the flight landed with the passenger cabins in a state of unpreparedness which put the safety of the flight attendants and the crew in jeopardy. It is the responsibility of the purser to give adequate warning of an imminent landing. The Union alleged the Employer imposed disciplinary suspension without just and proper cause. The Union asked that reference to the incident be removed from the Employer's files, that the Grievor be reinstated and paid all monies lost.


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