Canada Post Corp v Assn of Postal Officials of Canada

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Arbitration Decision

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Suspension, Discharge, Falsifying, Post Office, Health, Standard of Proof, Onus


The Grievor was temporarily suspended and then discharged for falsifying Post Office financial documents and converting Post Office funds for his own use. The missing amount was $6,880.94. The Grievor had been employed in the Sydney Mines Post Office since 1960, where he had been assistant postmaster since 1965. He was 49 years old and married, with three children still living at home. His wife did not work for health reasons. His health was not very good. Although there was no evidence that he was a particularly good employee, his record had only one previous instance of discipline - a two and a half day suspension for drinking on the job. For some time, he carried a disproportionate amount of work at the Post Office. The Grievor did not deny falsifying financial accounts. He alleged, however, that he had not stolen any money.


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