Island Telephone Co v Telephone Plant Workers of Prince Edward Island

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Arbitration Decision

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Collective Agreement, Meal, Expense, Reimbursement, Contribution, Vouchers


The Collective Agreement provided that employees working temporarily away from their normal headquarters over a meal period should receive a meal at the Company's expense. The way in which the Company fulfilled this agreement varied over the years, evolving into a circular stating a Company policy imposing an upper limit on the amount that an employee would be reimbursed for lunch. The Union argued that a "contribution" to an employee's lunch did not "reasonably meet the term of the Collective Agreement and presented evidence that meals were, on the average more expensive, including taxes and gratuity, than allowed for. The Company argued that the limit was determined based on the average amount on vouchers submitted in the past, on a survey of the allowances of other Companies and on a negotiated agreement.


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