Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW

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Arbitration Decision

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National, Union Grievance, Collective Agreement, Postal Services Continuation Act, Constructive Consultation, Franchises


National Union grievance alleging violation of Article 39.08 of the Collective Agreement between the parties for the Postal Operations Group (Non-Supervisory): Internal Mail Processing and Complementary Postal Services, signed April 2, 1985 and bearing the expiration date September 30, 1986, maintained in force and effect by the Postal Services Contination Act, 1987, Bill C-86, in that the Employer opened franchised dealerships without holding constructive consultation with the Union. The Union requested an order that the Employer be directed to discontinue the offering of services through the franchises in question until constructive consultation has been held.


Case summary available at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries. Full text available online at WestlawEdge Canada (subscription required).