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Arbitration Decision

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National, Union Grievance, Collective Agreement, Night Shift, Evening, Study, Independent Agency


National Union Grievance alleging violation of Article 14.12 of the Collective Agreement between the parties for the Postal Operations Group (Non-Supervisory): Internal Mail Processing and Complementary Postal Services, bearing the expiration date, July 31, 1989, in that the Employer has not "minimized" evening and night work and has not studied the organization of its operations to review evening and night work, taking into account service levels, costs and other relevant factors. The Union requested a declaration that there had been a breach of Article 14.12, an order that the Employer move as much as work as possible from the evening and night shifts to the day shift, an order that day shift work lost after June 29, 1988 be reinstated or, alternatively, that the status quo at the date of this award be maintained until the completion of the study alleged to be required by Article 14.12, and a direction that such a study be conducted by an independent agency on terms submitted or agreed to by the Union.


Case summary available at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries.