Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW (Steeves)

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Arbitration Decision

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Union Grievance, Collective Agreement, Day of Rest, Overtime


Union grievance alleging breach of articles 15, 17 and 39 of the Collective Agreement which expired September 30. 1986, between the parties, in that the Employer did not give N. Steeves an opportunity to work on his day of rest to which he was entitled. The Union seeks pay at the appropriate rate in an amount equal to the amount the grievor would have earned had he been given the opportunity to work on March 29, 1986. At the outset of the hearing the parties agreed that I am properly seized of this matter and should remain seized to deal with any question of application on interpretation which might arise from the terms of this award.


Case summary available at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries. Full text available online at WestlawEdge Canada (subscription required).