Employment Law in Canada

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Non-collective, Employment Relationship, Labour Standards Legislation, Obligations, General Practitioner, Employee Rights, Termination, Recovery of Pay


This book is intended for use by lawyers and other professionally concerned with employment law. By "employment law" I mean the legal structure of the individual employment relationship, the non-collective aspect of what standard English texts refer to as labour law. In Canada "labour law" is generally understood to be the law governing the collective bargaining relationship. Labour lawyers on both sides in Canada are well served by texts and a relatively extensive periodical literature on various aspects of their specialty, but increasingly they must deal with questions of "employment law" as it affects their clients. The general practitioner, too, faces employment law questions with increasing frequency as do union officers, personnel people and government officials charged with administering the ever increasing statutory regulations of the employment relationship. Law students will be less concerned with the details of statute and any case law which burden this book, but I hope it will serve the purposes of anyone attempting to gain a broad sense of the law and legal process as it affects what is, after all, one of the most important human relationships.


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