Termination of Employment: Trends and Overview


Innis Christie

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Conference Material

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Trends, Termination, Relationship, Layoff, Conference, Wrongful Dismissal, Collective Bargaining, Collective Agreements


The program calls for me to discuss the trends and take an "overview" of tomorrow's general topic, the termination of employment. The notion of an "overview" puts me in mind of a point on the gently rolling terrain of mainland Nova Scotia from which you can see four counties. It does not, of course, look like anything special, unless you know that you are looking at four counties. For that reason reason most of us who take our children or a visitor there for the first time are careful to explain what is being looked at, at least to name the counties and perhaps describe some of their more salient characteristics, so that the glory of this "overview" will be appreciated! In that vein, then, what are we looking at as we gaze over the whole territory of the "termination of employment"?


Proceedings of a Symposium held at Queen's University, October 3 and 4, 1981.