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Arbitration Decision

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Non-Bargaining Unit, Inventory, Collective Agreement, Supervisors


The company assigned non-bargaining unit employees to the tasks involved with inventory taking. The collective agreement provided that

"Supervisors will not do work ordinarily performed by bargain­ing unit employees, except —

(a) Instruction and training of employees.

(b) Emergency work necessary to maintain an uninterrupted flow of production."

Held, by a majority of the board of arbitration, W. Stetson dissenting, the grievance was dismissed. Inventory taking is not "work ordinarily performed by bargaining unit employees". While some of the regular operations of the grieving bargaining unit employees may have been performed incidentally to the inventory taking, this does not mean that supervisors on performing this type of task have infringed upon the grievors' jobs. Inventory taking requires judgment and special knowledge.