Legal Writing and Research Manual

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Manual, Teaching, Instruction, First Year, Tools, Third Edition, Guide, Memorandum


The third edition of this manual preserves the basic goal of the first edition which was to assist first year law students to become familiar with the research tools available to lawyers, as well as providing basic information on the use of these tools.

Much of the material in the second edition has been updated. In addition, there has been an expansion of material, much of it reflecting the proliferation of new legal publications in recent years. A new and important chapter dealing with computerized legal research has been added. The former chapter on "Suggestions for Legal Research and Writing" has been greatly modified and now includes a step by step guide to basic legal research and a sample memorandum of law. The former chapter on "Primary Legal Materials" has also undergone important changes in an effort to demonstrate the diversity in the methods of publication and citation of primary legal materials in Canada and the United Kingdom.