Legal Writing and Research Manual

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Manual, Teaching, Instruction, First Year, Memoranda, Library, Queen's


This Manual is a teaching book evolved for use in the Queen's Faculty of Law in connection with a programme of legal writing and research instruction for first year law students. The aim is to get basic but detailed information to first year law students quickly so that they can undertake and benefit from a demanding set of library exercises and then prepare properly researched and written legal memoranda without making undue demands on the time of their supervisors. The Manual provides the answers to questions that arise in the course of the exercises and, hopefully, to most of the questions that arise in the course of day to day legal research and writing. The aim is to be accurate, concise and useful. There is no pretence of scholarly completeness and the work is in no sense a bibliography of Canadian legal sources. The chapter on American legal materials does no more than introduce the first year student to the major sources.