Legal Writing and Research Manual

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Manual, Teaching, First Year, Tools, Sixth Edition, Internet, Memorandum, Brief, Factum


The sixth edition of this manual continues to preserve the basic goal of the first edition, written by Professor Innes Christie in 1970, which was to assist first-year law students in becoming familiar with the research tools available to lawyers and to provide them with assistance in drafting documents. The sixth edition is the culmination of each of the successive editions and includes the contributions of Professors John Yogis and Michael Deturbide. Throughout the last 30 years the manual has had several updates and two major revisions. Some of the material in the fifth edition has been updated, while other material has been substantially modified to reflect the realities of research and writing in 2004. Additional writing chapters have been added to assist students in drafting their first legal documents. The text is organized to simplify the students' entry into all major Canadian abridgments, encyclopedias and digest services. The chapter on "Introduction to Legal Research" includes a step-by-step guide to basic legal research while the chapters on legal writing provide suggestions and samples of: a Memorandum of law, a Chamber's Brief, and a Factum. The chapter on "Computerized Legal Research" has been revised to update programs, online research services and to include references to the useful Internet sites.