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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievance, Non-Occupational Sickness, Medical Care Plans, Collective Agreement, Weekly Indemnity


Employee Grievance alleging failure by the company to provide weekly indemnity for non-occupational sickness.

The facts: On June 19, 1968, Mr. Garden, the grievor, went to Orenda's plant doctor for an examination. He was referred to his family doctor. That same day, and again on June 24th, he consulted Dr. W.K. Taylor who had been his doctor for some years. On June 25th, Dr. Taylor signed an "Attending Physician's Statement" for submission to the company in support of a claim by the grievor for weekly indemnity for non-occupational sickness. The statement noted under the heading "diagnosis" the following: "neurodermatitis both hands, duodenal ulcer symptoms". It is also noted on the statement that the patient "has been totally disabled (unable to work)" from June 19, 1968, and that he should be able to return to work on July 2, 1968. Under the heading "how long will the patient be partially disabled?" the answer given is "for the same period".