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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievance, Statutory Holiday, Pay, Sick, Compensation


Employee Grievance alleging failure to pay full pay for certain holidays.

The facts:

There was no real dispute between the parties about the facts. I should perhaps note at the outset that in its written statement of facts submitted to the board the union treats both grievances as relating to the July 1st holiday. The com-pany's statement of facts, on the other hand, treats McHarg's grievance as relating to the August 4th holiday. McHarg's grievance form itself does not indicate to which holiday it relates. He was sick for both of them and it is a reasonable inference that his grievance, which is expressed in terms of a grievance against failure to pay for one holiday only, relates to the more recent of them. In any case, nothing turns on this discrepancy between the submission of the union and the submission of the company.