Re Bakery and Confectionary Workers Union, Local 264, and Weston Bakeries Ltd

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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievances, Refusal to Work, Entitlement, Wage Rates, Eight Hours, Collective Agreement


The employees grieved the employer's failure to pay them for their guaranteed hours under the collective agreement. The employer installed a new floor, which resulted in a shift change for the grievors such that, by the end of the regular work week, they had not worked the 40 hours guaranteed by the collective agreement. The foreman instructed the grievors to work extra time on the last day of their shift to make up their hours. The grievors refused. The collective agreement provided that employees would receive minimal weekly pay of at least the equivalent of forty hours. The collective agreement also provided that the employer did not guarantee to provide work for the regular work week. The agreement further provided that the employer would not require employees to work more than eight hours in a day.


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