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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievance, Illegal, Work Stoppage, Collective Agreement, Management, Reimbursement


Employer Grievance alleging illegal work stoppage.

The facts

On Saturday, May 10, 1975, Halterm Limited ordered 14 men for the work period from 1800 to 0800 hours the following morning, to perform work on M/V "Columbus Australia". The order was for "a fourteen-man gang unit to perform heavy lifts", or words to that effect. Some evidence was led by both parties at the hearing with regard to the exact terminology of this order and there was consid­erable discussion of its significance. Although the point is undoubt­edly of importance to the parties, for the purpose of this grievance I do not find it necessary to reach any definite conclusion on the ter­minology used or to make any ruling on its appropriateness.