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Labour Relations Board Decision

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Construction Industry Panel, Revocation, Variation, Bargaining Agent, Bargaining Unit, Certification


APPLICATION having been made to the Labour Relations Board (Nova Scotia) on June 20, 1977 for revocation or variation of L.R.B. No. 440C by which the Respondent was certified as Bargaining Agent for a Bargaining Unit consisting of all employees of the Applicant engaged in the operation of cranes, bulldozers, trucks in excess of one ton capacity, and similar equipment, all those primarily engaged in the repairing and maintaining of same, but excluding all other employees, Foremen other than Working Foremen, and those equivalent to the rank of Foreman and above, Office Employees, and those employees excluded by Clauses (i) and (ii) of Paragraph (e) of Section 89 of the Trade Union Act;