The Arctic in World Affairs: A North Pacific Dialogue on Arctic 2030 and Beyond: Pathways to the Future (2018 North Pacific Conference Proceedings)

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The 2018 North Pacific Arctic Conference provided a venue to explore long-term developments in the Arctic region and give voice to new ideas and constructs for the region that connect to and affect global affairs. This volume, reporting on the work of the conference, is organized into five substantive parts. Part I consists of four policy perspectives on Arctic 2030 and beyond, highlighting Korea’s national Arctic policy priorities along with expert reflections on the Arctic policies of the United States, Russia, and Finland. Part II contains perspectives from three Arctic states, a non-Arctic state, the Indigenous community, and a young analyst on the future of Arctic Ocean cooperation. Part III presents climate change impacts in the Arctic from the perspectives of natural science, climate and health, a non-Arctic state, the Indigenous community, and a young analyst. Part IV includes interdisciplinary perspectives relating to trends in Arctic resource extraction and logistics from global market development, commercial shipping, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Arctic offshore oil development, the Polar Silk Road framework, Sino-Russian trade, and a non-Arctic state. The perspectives in Part V highlight key insights from an NGO, an Arctic state, the international community, a non-Arctic state, and the Indigenous community relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 in the Arctic. A brief conclusion identifies future directions in the ongoing North Pacific dialogue on the Arctic in world affairs.

Issues addressed include:

• What are the challenges of implementing the Central Arctic Ocean fisheries agreement?
• What additional cooperative initiatives and measures beyond the Polar Code might be considered to strengthen shipping safety and environmental protection in the Arctic?
• What is the state of play in the Arctic Council’s Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation, and how might regional marine cooperation be further enhanced?
• What progress has been made in establishing marine protected area (MPA) networks in the Arctic, and what are the main constraints and challenges in this realm?
• What are the opportunities for enhanced marine scientific cooperation?