Learning Canadian Criminal Law

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Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Education Law, tools to be effective criminal lawyers


Learning Canadian Criminal Law, 14th Edition continues to focus on tools students must acquire to be effective criminal lawyers, including critical skills. The aim is to explore substantive principles and the trial context: the adversary system, how elements of crime are proved, principles of act and fault, legal justifications and excuses and sentencing principles. Integrated throughout is a consideration of the impact of the Charter. The focus is on major sources: the Criminal Code itself and key judicial decisions. Learning is facilitated by notes, questions, problems and general review questions. Learning Canadian Criminal Law, 14th Edition has been thoroughly updated and re-edited. Legislative changes considered include the new offence to criminalise the purchase of sex, anti-terrorism provisions enacted in Bill C-51 and limiting the partial provocation defence to murder. Also addressed are current Federal bills to remove Criminal Code provisions declared to violate the Charter, repeal anachronistic provisions, complex legal burden and reverse onus provisions, to amend sexual assault laws and to return to discretion not to award victim surcharges.


From the Selected Works of Steve Coughlan.