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Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship, Remote Operator, Crew, Master, UNCLOS, SOLAS


As commercialising the technology of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship("MASS"), it may be expected that the remote controller plays a significant role in modern shipping industry in the near future. The concept of remote controller is defined as designated person who has the right of command and control regarding the ship's navigation and there exists the difference concerning the role and functions between transitional concept of a crew and a master and the remote controller in MASS. Hence, this study aims to discuss the legal status of remote controller as to whether they are considered as crew and master. In particular, it will examine whether the remote controller in MASS that does not exist ship's crew is regarded as the master based on international treaties and domestic maritime law by using the doctrinal legal study. The concluding remark of this study will seek to authorise the legal status concerning the remote controller as 'the crew and master' in MASS. Furthermore, it will refer to the need for the institutional improvement with regard to certification, education and training for the remote controller.