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Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships, The ordinary practice of seamen, Maritime Law, Remotely operated vessel


Autonomous technology is advancing, but attention must be paid to how it will be realized when the technology meets specific domains. This paper argued that ships with autonomous technology can not be fundamentally free from the nature of a ship that is human system. Furthermore, the ordinary practice of seamen, which has been the foundation of ship safety for thousands of years, would serve as a basis for judging the adaptability of the autonomous technology. In this regard, the maritime autonomous surface vessels (MASS) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) should be re-conceptualized into remotely operated vessels (ROV) and fully-autonomous vessels (FAV), and both development models should fulfill the standards of the ordinary practice of seamen. Furthermore, insofar as the ordinary practice of seamen takes a central role in MASS, the approach of amending Maritime Law will is more appropriate in regulating MASS than that of adopting a special act. Accordingly, this paper presented a draft of minimum necessary amendments.