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Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the Province of New Brunswick: Commencing in Hilary Term, 1835, written by George F. S. Berton in 1835 is a 217 page compilation of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of New Brunswick. It includes an index and the option to full-text search.


At the date of the commencement of these Reports, I was in­duced by a desire to render service to my professional brethren and the public, to publish the notes, which I had taken only for my own use, of the cases in Hilary, 1835. They first appeared in the Royal Gazette, and were then issued in pamphlet form. I continued so to publish the cases determined during that year.

In the Session of 1836, the Legislature, satisfied of the “ great importance of obtaining correct reports of the decisions of the Su­preme Court,” authorized the Lieutenant Governor to appoint a Reporter, secured to him the copyright of his work, and granted an annual sum as a remuneration for his services. Under this Act I had the honor to be appointed, and have, from the time of my appointment, carefully collected and reported all the decisions of the Court.

Among the cases of 1835, there were several of very great and general importance, and as I was enabled, by the kindness of their Honors the Chief Justice and the other Judges, to have access to their notes and written judgments; I considered it only due to the liberality and kindness with which my efforts had been met, to re-publish the whole of the cases from the beginning of 1835 ; this has now been done, and although I have thereby incurred a heavy pecuniary expense, yet I shall be enabled to proceed with more satisfaction

to myself and the public than I could by Continuing a work im­perfectly commenced. Much delay has occurred in the printing, but I am now induced to hope that the work will be proceeded with diligently until completed, and that hereafter the numbers will be issued within a reasonable time after every Term.

It is proper that I should acknowledge the very great assistance which, during along illness, I have received from Mr. George Lee, as well in compiling the latter part of the cases now published, as in the general correction of the Press.

G. F. S. Berton.

Fredericton, January, 1839.

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J. Simpson


Fredericton, NB


law reports, New Brunswick Supreme Court 1835, NBCA, 1835, historical law reporter


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Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the Province of New Brunswick



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