Canada Post Corp v Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPE)

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Arbitration Decision

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Court Leave, Special Leave, Pay, Rights, Court Appearance


The Grievor applied for court leave for a court appearance as defendant and for an appointment with his lawyer. Both were denied but leave for the former was later allowed by the Employer for the amount of time the Grievor was absent from his job. The Grievor claims a full day court leave and special leave for his lawyer's appointment. The Employer concedes the Grievor's entitlement to court leave for the time spent away from work, but denies a right to a full day's pay for his unexercised rights. Also, the Employer makes a preliminary objection to the Arbitrator's jurisdiction to hear the grievance regarding special leave, as this was not applied for prior to the Arbitration. The Union argues that the alteration from court leave to special leave is only a technical matter of little significance.


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