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Arbitration Decision

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Union Grievance, Collective Agreement, Safety, Footwear, Casual Employees


Union grievance alleging breach of the Collective Agreement between the parties for the Postal Operations Group (NonSupervisory): Internal Mail Processing and Complementary Postal Services, which expired December 31, 1982 but was extended to September 20, 1984 by Bill C-124, and in particular of Article 33, in that the Employer failed to provide safety footwear to casual employees in the same fashion as it had been provided to regular employees. The Union requested that I declare that the Collective Agreement applied to casual employees in this respect, direct that they be provided with safety footwear and that those who should have been provided with safety footwear, and were not, be compensated. Counsel for the Employer objected to my jurisdiction to deal with this issue beyond the September 20, 1984 expiry date of the Collective Agreement under which this grievance was filed.


Case summary available at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries.