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Dalhousie Law School, Educational Institution, Programme, Flexibility, Curriculum, Compulsory Courses


When I graduated from the Dalhousie Law School in 1962 there were 40 people in my class, about 100 students in the School altogether, and a full-time faculty of eight. Now there is a full-time faculty of 36, the first year class this year totalled 158 and the student population is well over 400. With this increase, the Dalhousie Law School, has, more or less, stayed in step with other law schools across the country. I start with numbers because numbers are important in an educational institution. With four times as many students and four times as many faculty members, the Law School does not just do the same things four times over. It offers a programme of much greater depth and flexibility; a programme in which there is room for the kind of innovation necessary to keep step with what is happening all around us.


Available at the Sir James Dunn Law Library.