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Cease, Desist, Interim, Complainant, Dispute, Stoppage, Union


Cease and desist orders: practice and procedure. The issue of an interim cease and desist order in the context of an illegal strike is a very speedy procedure in Nova Scotia. Regulation 24 simply provides that where a complaint is made under section 49 "Form 14 shall be used...". Section 49(1) of the Act provides that "any person who claims to be involved in or affected by" an illegal work stoppage may make a complaint to the Board. Normally, of course the complainant will be an employer, and by Form 14 the complainant will request the Board to issue an order "that the respondent(s) (a) cease and desist (space for statement for the particular illegal activity) or (b) perform the following acts:" and there is a space left for the statement of those facts.


Unpublished book chapter in Labour Law I Supplemental Materials Casebook (1994), archived at the Sir James Dunn Law Library, Schulich School of Law.