Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW (Blizzard)

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Arbitration Decision

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Sick Leave, Compensation Board, Insurer, Collective Agreement, Jurisdiction


At issue is the Grievor's entitlement to use banked sick leave to top up the payments he received from the Employer's sick leave insurer and the New Brunswick Workers' Compensation Board. The Employer objects that payments allegedly improperly denied under the predecessor to this Collective Agreement cannot be dealt with by the Arbitrator under this agreement. On the issue, the Employer claims that an earlier award between the parties respecting this same Grievor had dealt with, and therefore precluded, any new claim. The Union submits that the issue of top-up had not been dealt with in the award. Only when the limits on entitlements were made clear was the availability of sick leave benefits to top up partial extended earnings loss benefits explored raising a separate issue.


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