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Arbitration Decision

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Interpretation, Union Rights, Processing of Grievances, Collective Agreement, Company Time


The collective agreement provided that "only such time as is neces­sary will be consumed by [union committeemen] during working hours in order to attend to the processing of grievances". The grievor, a union committeeman, received the necessary permission to leave his work in order to assist in the formation of an employee's grievance, but was informed by management that it was not permitted actually to write up the grievance on company time. Held, by the sole arbitrator, "processing of grievances" included getting a grievance into writing where necessary. If a committeeman were to abuse his right, then the company had adequate remedy under the collective agreement. If an "unreasonable amount of time" was being spent in dealing with grievances the company could withhold pay; if there were abuses, the company could refuse permission for the committeeman to leave work. Ultimately, an arbitrator would decide whether the company had acted reasonably. The company, then, should have taken advan­tage of the terms of the agreement rather than denying the grievor the right to write out another employee's grievance as a matter of principle.