Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW

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Arbitration Decision

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Full-Time, Mail, Couriers, Overtime, Christmas, Part-Time, Blanket Offer


The Union alleges that full-time Mail Service Couriers were not given the opportunities to work overtime, to which they were entitled, delivering overflow parcels during the Christmas period, and that part-timers, and casuals working as part-timers, were called in prior to their scheduled start times to do this work. The complaint is that the Employer did not follow the overtime equal opportunity list, but instead assigned the delivery of over- quota parcels to part-timers who worked extra hours at straight time. The Employer responds that the use of part-timers prior to offering overtime to full-timers is not a breach of the Collective Agreement, and that all Mail Service Couriers were given a blanket offer to work overtime. It is not disputed that daily offers were not made in accordance with the applicable equal opportunity list.


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