Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW (Gover)

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Arbitration Decision

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Carrier, Route, Excessive, Verification, Over-Assessed, Adjustment, Compensation


The Grievor, a mail carrier, alleged that his route, which had been restructured in 1994, was "over-assessed" (i.e. the work-load was excessive). He informed his supervisor of this opinion in October 1995 and requested a route verification. The Collective Agreement provides that any route which has been over-assessed by 15 minutes or more shall be adjusted within three months and, if such an adjustment is not possible, alternate accommodations shall be made locally. No verification of the Grievor's route was carried out until mid-March 1996 and, at the time of the hearing, no route adjustment had yet been made. The Union requests an order that the Employer share the results of the verification as well as compensate the Grievor for any work which exceeds the normal work-load. The Union also requests a declaration that the Employer's failure to adjust the route within the three month period allowed by the Collective Agreement may have had adverse effects in terms of job creation.


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