Re Thomas and Access Cable Television Ltd

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Arbitration Decision

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Dismissal, Sexual Harassment, Justified, Cable, Television, Warning, Volunteers


The Complainant, George Hum Thomas, alleges that he was dismissed unjustly by the Employer, Access Cable Television Ltd., with whom he had been employed for eight years as a cameraman. The Employer, operator of a community cable television station, responds that he was justly dismissed for sexual harassment of a female employee, having been warned for similar behaviour with two volunteers. Although many of the facts are undisputed, there are differences between the Complainant's testimony and that of witnesses called by the Employer as to what happened, most importantly as to what the Complainant intended and how his actions were perceived by the women he allegedly harassed. What is involved here are issues of fact and issues of judgement about whether what I find the Complainant to have done justified his dismissal. The Complainant alleges that the Employer dismissed him for other reasons, which do not amount to just cause.


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