Marriot v Global Forwarding Co

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Arbitration Decision

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Dismissal, Canada Labour Code, Termination, Driver, Dartmouth, Road Rage


At the hearing before me counsel on behalf of the Complainant, Barry W. Marriott, alleged that the Complainant was dismissed unjustly, contrary to sections 240-2 of the Canada Labour Code, by the Employer, Global Forwarding Co. Ltd., with whom he had been employed since August 2, 1996. From that date to his termination on October 27, 1999, the Complainant was a driver for the Employer, working out of its Dartmouth depot. The Employer, a trucking company, was represented by Mr. Allen Howell, its Safety Manager. He took the position that the Complainant was justly dismissed for an exhibition of "road rage" while driving his personal automobile, this "rage" having been directed against another automobile driver who turned out to be a customer of the Employer and who complained.


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