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Arbitration Decision

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Cook, Position, Full-Time, Bid, Order, Resignation, Job Postings, Provision


Grievance by the Union alleging breach of Article 20.1, and any other applicable articles, of the Collective Agreement between the Union (and Locals 1051, 1778 and 1779) and West Prince Regional Authority, East Prince Health, Queens Region Health and Community Services, Southern Kings Regional Authority and Eastern Kings Health, effective April 1, 2001 — March 31, 2004, which the parties agreed is the Collective Agreement that governs this matter, in that, when a full-time cook resigned the Employer failed to post that position and instead posted three part-time cook positions to which it assigned essentially the same work. Those part-time positions were filled. The Union seeks an order that the Employer post a full-time cook's position, "and not as three part-time positions".