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The following work, as the dates of the respective parts evince, was begun by its unhappy Author in his apartments at Newgate, on the evening of the day subsequent to his trial and conviction at Justice Hall; and was finished, amidst various necessary interruptions, in little more than the space of two months.

The few little pieces subjoined to the Thoughts, and the Author’s Last Prayer, were found amongst his papers. Their evident connection with the Poem was the inducement for adding them to the volume.

Written by the Rev. William Dodd, during his time in prison prior to his execution. Dodd was imprisoned on the charge of forgery, and was hanged at Tyburn in 1777. This particular work features his reflections on the judicial and prison systems of the 18th century.

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Oliver & Boyd, Caledonian Press




Thoughts in Prison, Reverend William Dodd, 18th century prison system, 18th century judicial system


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Thoughts in Prison



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