Canadian Journal of Law and Technology


Anne Mussett


privacy law, PIPEDA, civil liability, criminal liability


Privacy Law in Canada is a 360-page work that broadly covers legislation at both the federal and provin- cial level, and criminal and civil liability for privacy intru- sions in the context of case law from across Canada. Particular focus is given to privacy issues associated with the workplace, personal health information, technolog- ical surveillance, and protecting consumers and debtors. The authors take a practical approach in examining chal- lenging questions, such as whether a consumer’s consent is required to obtain a credit report; disclosure of med- ical information; monitoring an employee’s computer use and voice mail; how the PIPEDA affects businesses; the status of a common law tort of privacy; and when a person, who is subject to a search or surveillance, has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Informative, timely and straightforward, Privacy Law in Canada, is a very useful reference for practitioners and other professionals, as well as a good course supplement for law students or faculty studying, researching or interested in this area.