Canadian Journal of Law and Technology


PIPEDA, protection of privacy, personal information privacy


The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act: A Comprehensive Guide (the Guide) is the second book to be published in English in Canada dealing expressly with the Personal Information Protec- tion and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Guide is different from the earlier work, in that it is not a section by section discussion or annotation of the provisions of PIPEDA. Rather, it is organized into eight chapters, each addressing a distinct theme or topic. The Guide is also aimed at a more professional audience than the earlier work. In its introduction, and in its choice of content, it focuses more on specific problems and interpretive issues under PIPEDA, than on giving a general overview and explanation of the legislation.

The authors of the Guide reflect the more profes- sional and practice oriented nature of the book. All three authors are lawyers whose areas of practice include varying aspects of privacy law. Their objective in preparing the work is clear; it is meant to identify legal issues of importance to lawyers and entrepreneurs. The brief introduction to the book refers to the legislation as ‘‘consumer protection for the digital economy’’, and cautions that: ‘‘no business or other entity to which the Act potentially applies can afford either to ignore it or to attempt to comply with its provisions in an ad hoc fashion’’.