Olga Koubrak


Olga Koubrak



I am a PhD student at the Marine and Environmental Law Institute. My research focuses on using legal tools to improve conservation outcomes for marine species at risk. I am involved in projects trying to save critically endangered sawfishes in the Caribbean and stem the decline of leatherback sea turtles in the Northwest Atlantic.

After working in private practice for a couple of years and taking time off to travel, I chose Schulich Law to do my master’s because of the school’s unparalleled reputation in the environmental law field. Throughout my years here, I have been pushed and supported to grow as a researcher and a person. I have gotten opportunities to attend intergovernmental meetings and present my work at international conferences. It has been a privilege to learn from renowned experts in my field.

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marine species conservation, endangered species conservation


Animal Law | Environmental Law


Recent Publications:

O. Koubrak, D. VanderZwaag and B. Worm, “Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale in a Changing Ocean: Gauging Scientific and Law and Policy Responses.” In press in Ocean & Coastal Management.

O. Koubrak, “A Future for a Forgotten Predator: An Assessment of International Legal Frameworks for Protection and Recovery of the Caribbean Sawfishes” (2018) 21:2-3 Journal of Int’l Wildlife Law & Policy 79-121.

Olga Koubrak