Re Twin Cities Co-Operative Dairy Ltd and Teamsters Union, Local 927

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Arbitration Decision

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Holiday Pay, Lay off, Entitlement, Time Trading, Collective Agreement


Christmas and Boxing Day, 1979, fell on Tuesday and Wednesday. The employees in the company's ice cream division who are the subject of this grievance, like many others, asked to have the Monday of Christmas week off so they could have an extra-long holiday week-end. In response, Fred Dolbel, the plant manager, arranged with them, through the then foreman, that they could have the Monday off without losing their holiday pay if they were prepared, should it prove necessary to ensure an adequate stock, to work two extra four-hour shifts the preceding week at straight-time pay. It may well be that such "time trading" constituted an alteration of the collective agreement which should not have been done without the approval of the union, but that is not the subject of this grievance, and there is no doubt that such was the arrangement. In any event, the extra shifts proved unnecessary. Mr. Dolbel nevertheless kept his side of the arrangement and paid holiday pay for Christmas Day and Boxing Day notwithstanding that the employees in question had not worked on the preceding day.


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