Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW (Beed)

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Arbitration Decision

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Collective Agreement, Full-Time, Code, VES, Health, Safety, Rotations


The Union declares that the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement by assigning all full-time clerks to coding on the VES for eight hours, although coding for that length of time is allegedly known to compromise and endanger health and safety. The Shop Steward states that when the VES coding system was introduced in the Halifax Mail Processing Plant, concern was voiced that rotations be restricted to 4 hours. The Union submits that there had been consultations resulting in an agreement. The Employer argues that the minutes of the National Joint Technological Change Committee reflect no limits on the time an employee could spend on coding. They report that the employees did not code for 8 hours, there was no good evidence of medical conditions, and there was no evidence of any agreement with respect to rotation of coding duties.


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