Re Children's Aid Society of Cape Breton and CUPE, Local 3010

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Arbitration Decision

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Seniority, Casual, Assignment, Service, Clerical, Children's Aid Society, Cape Breton


There are three grievances which allege denial of seniority rights to a casual clerical employee. The Union's position is that the Grievor had full rights under the Collective Agreement because there is no express distinction between casual and temporary employees and other employees. The Union asserts that the date of first employment governs seniority. The Employer's primary position is that when an assignment ends, the employment relationship terminates and seniority does not apply. Their secondary position is that if temporary employees are held to be able to gain seniority rights at all, it can only be after 60 consecutive days of active service.


Case summary available at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries. Summary available only on CanLii. Full text available online at WestlawEdge Canada (subscription required).