Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW (Betts)


Innis Christie

Document Type

Arbitration Decision

Publication Date



Suspension, Illegal, Strike, Stoppage, Canada Labour Relations Board, Discipline, Notice


The grievance relates to disciplinary suspensions imposed by the Employer on 627 employees for allegedly participating in an illegal strike. The Union agrees that there was a work stoppage by employees, that the Canada Labour Relations Board found the work stoppage to be an illegal strike and had issued a cease and desist order, and that the strike was in fact illegal. They do not agree that the Grievors participated in the illegal strike and take the position that the Employer is put to the strict proof of just, reasonable and sufficient cause for discipline of each of them individually. The Union would not agree to the admission of any documents without strict proof of the receipt of written notice of the grounds of discipline. They object to hearsay evidence. The Employer submits that this approach is contrary to the Regular Arbitration Procedure.


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