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Arbitration Decision

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Dismissal, Canada Labour Code, Termination, Driver, Dartmouth, Abandonned


At the hearing before me the Complainant, Mark J. Babin, alleged that he was dismissed unjustly, contrary to sections 240-2 of the Canada Labour Code, by the Employer, Day and Ross Inc. with whom he had been employed since October 13, 1993. From that date to his termination on February 8, 2000, the Complainant was a driver for the Employer, a trucking company, working out of its Dartmouth depot. Counsel for the Employer took the position that the Complainant had "abandonned" his employment and that I am therefore without jurisdiction to deal with this matter. Alternatively, the Employer took the position that the Complainant was disabled from performing his job and had never shown himself able to return to work.