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Arbitration Decision

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Policy, Spare Boiler Operator, Labourer, Maintenance, Senior, Assignment


This is a policy grievance to determine the work the Spare Boiler Operator may perform. The Employer stated that it intended to assign duties to the Spare Boiler Operator as it saw fit, in order to keep him employed. These duties were not related to steam and boiler operation; they were jobs properly performed by a labourer. It is the position of the Employer that it may assign whatever maintenance duties it wishes to those in the Maintenance Department, so long as no senior employee is displaced. The Union's position is that the function of the Spare Boiler Operator is to operate the boiler room when a regular shift Boiler Operator is away, and when not doing so, to work with the Maintenance Department on steam and boiler related tasks. The Union seeks an order stating that when there is no work as described, he shall be laid-off or be placed in the labour pool for assignment as work becomes available to him according to seniority.